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Captain Roscoe Blog 17/7/2018

Well wasn’t it great to get back to work with a beautiful day on Sunday.

The  grew were a couple short due to sleeping in and they missed a great day excellent conditions were  a sight for sore eyes with light winds and smooth seas.

The first fish was a snapper undersized but then it started snapper after snapper we threw a few back but every one got at least 3 or more each legal length plus pig fish & leather jackets the boys were in there element with more than one comment and thank yous for a great day.

We went whale watching in the afternoon but didn’t find any looks like the main body went through during the bad weather but a pod of dolphins on the way back to the harbour greeted us and put on a sea world display in the wake of the boat much to the delight of the kids and mum the second run of whales should come soon so if you missed them dont worry were also get them on the way back.

Both SATURDAY and SUNDAY are available this coming  weekend

PS No one joined the weight loss program this week