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Well the weather finally turned enabling us to get out Friday 29 th June we had the winners of “Fulton Hogan lost time accidents” on board the boys enjoined themselves with good size Morwong ,Flathead, Snapper and Pig Fish it looked like the 10 Pig Fish in one trip would fall but the 1200 hour shut down beat them but 8 is not to be sneezed at. All  had a good time and after we shared a soft drink in the Harbour they divded up the booty great bunch of guys.

Saturday a Gale Warning was Issued so I went to grandsons soccer not bragging but he scored 4 goals top effort by all the kids great to watch.

Sunday only small crew but we had a good day Morwong,Snapper the weather was spectacular with a flat ocean and warming sun. The drift was trying with the deckies untangling skills bought to the fore

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Till next week stay happy

Captain Roscoe