Fishing Reports

Have listened to captain Roscoe`s fishing report numerous times on Wave FM on a Saturday morning,and thought to myself I`d like to meet this bloke.Some good friends who had been on his boat before gave me a voucher as a birthday gift.Well last Saturday I got my chance,and they came along as well.We had a fantastic day with great company,and plenty of laughs.The fish were a bit scarce, but captain Roscoe knew where everyone of them was hiding (He is truly amazing this bloke) and we ended up with a feed.Very down to earth bloke who obviously ,enjoy`s what he is does.Will definately return,best regards Trevor

Hi Captain Roscoe
Thanks again for the fantastic whale watching trip last Sunday 19 July. We all enjoyed the trip very much. This is a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Your hospitality and great personality really add to the trip. I don’t think it would be the same on the cruise without you. I can’t recommend you highly enough.
I have attached 3 photo’s of you and Romy Spitznagel the 7 year old girl who won the trip from WAVE FM for our family by guessing the sound of the whale.
Thanks again
Vanessa, Ged, Emily and Romy

Anne Greaves kiama
Huge thanks to Ross, Kenny and Matt for providing a fun, entertaining and hugely successful day. Talk about good value….the fish were practically jumping into the boat which for the non fisherpeople aboard was awesome, the seals were entertaining and the whales were frolicking. A great day – we will be back. Tom’s Mum

Hi Roscoe, How are you, Just dropping by to tell you the family loved it and enoyed it very much. Even though I was sick most of the time my sons found it a great experience on board and my dad Elie wouldn’t stop talking about it. I’ll be sure to take them again. Thankyou for a great experience see you soon. Cheers Lorda, Chris and Elie. (8th of June 2009)

Got seats on MV Signa for Monday the 5th of Jan.

Nice old woodworm riddled ship. Roscoe is the captain. He’s a cranky old salt that’s been kicked out of the navy and merchant marine, and every pub from Hobart to Brisbane for drunkeness and generally unacceptable behaviour.
The old tub leaks like a sieve, the engines use more oil than diesel, but each paying crew member is provided with an oar, a bailing bucket and bright yellow Big Bird floaties, so it’s all cool.

Navigation is taken care of with a compass, sun, rule of thumb and state of the art GPCDTGS (Global Positioning Closest Distance To Grog Shop), incorporating 30 second updates of specials and price comparisons in full 3D colour and international cash conversions. {This last feature has led to a half day fishing trip lasting 4 days as we took a slight detour to the Solomon Islands to buy cases of VB at a good price}.

The odd bit of piracy on the high seas is an added bonus when sailing with Capt Roscoe.
Paz (Bang Bang)
Tablelands Explosives

Hi Roscoe,
Thank you for the most fantastic afternoon yesterday whale watching. I think we all dreamed about the mothers & calves last night and especially when they dived under the boat and came up sooooooo close. Sorry about me screaming and nearly deafening you. Trenna-Ann, Amy, Dick and I cannot express just how much we enjoyed ourselves, your great personality and knowledge. We will certainly tell all we know and look forward to another time out with you.
Rona Wall


Captain Rosscoe,

Thanks very much for a great day,it turned out to be everything we expected; made all the better by Calm seas, great weather and a very close encounter with a frisky Humpback. Family and friends had a very pleasant and informative day due to your wealth of knowledge on all things Naughtycal and Fishy. In other words a WHALE of a day was had by all.

Stephen & Merrilyn Long, Managers – Better Floors Pty Ltd

During a recent visit to Australia, I stumbled upon a stunning little town called Kiama (approximately 90 minutes south of Sydney).
As a journalist I am often hard to please but enjoyed a fishing trip so much, that as an avid Lonely Planet fan, I felt impelled to let you know about it. The boat, moored at Kiama harbour, is called MV SIGMA – a 44′ classic vessel skippered by Captain Roscoe. They offer reef fishing, deep sea, game, sports fishing, corporate days, private charters and overnight trips. All bait, tackle (overhead reels & rods), licences, tea and coffee is supplied. The skipper is Captain Rosco, who is full of fun, knowledge, experience and mishief-making in the best possible sense! Together with his crew, he makes the trip one to remember and so enjoyable it is a must to pass on the good word.
To contact them log onto www.mvsigna.com.au or call 0423 251 603. Prices vary depending on the type of trip and numbers, but it is very competitive.

Hi Ross,

Thanks again for the day, Dad and I had a fantastic time, and felt very fortunate to be on your professional boat with such a nice group of blokes. Thanks to your generosity the xmas table was very greatful and full of fish, plus we’re still gladly eating through the remaining ones a few nights a week.

Dad may be back in March, and I plan to be back on Signa at the end of the year when I’m back in Oz again. Regardless we will both be referring people on to your friendly and professional setup.

Thanks again Ross, and I hope you and your family have a brilliant New Year!

Best regards,


Yo there Cap’n Roscoe
Thanx muchly for an enjoyable days fishing.
Not often you find a charter boat skipper that, even in not ideal conditions, does his best to ‘get you on’ rather than just taking your cash and saying “thanks for coming”. (He makes pretty good coffee too). Lovely boat, top crew (onya Benny!), quality gear and great local knowledge. For a great day out, forget the rest, go with the best. Cap’n Roscoe and Signa definitely have my vote!
Tablelands Explosives

Dear Roscoe & Benny,

What can I say, Thank you so much for a great Saturday and my Dad and  all of us had a blast! I have been telling as many people as I can about your charter. Benny your deck hand is just brilliant as you never had to ask for anything it was just GREAT! Again thanks for a memorable day that we will treasure..

Have a great one and hope to see you again real soon! Love the photos and will send you some when I can…

Kristy Brett

Hey Ross,

Wanted to thank you for such a great day out…you have no idea how much of a monster you have created in me…I can’t wait to get out there again…we are planning a full family trip later in the year when kids sporting season is over…will let you know some dates to book us in for in a couple of weeks when the kids get thier acts together. Cameron is also hooked….he has not stopped boasting to all his mates… he is even telling strangers about his charter and Captain Ross.

I’m still reeling from the fact that I actually got on a boat and went out….you have no idea how great my fear was….but thanks to you and your proffesssional but “make sure it’s fun” attitude I am cured.

So, once again, thank you from Gary, Cam and myself…..also please thank Benny…he was one of the nicest young fellows I have come across in a while.

See you soon


Carliene Charnock.

Hey Roscoe, Just a couple that you took out from Ballina, just thanking you for a great day we had, and enjoyed it heaps. We have now completed our first trip of “outback” Australia, and back home in Melbourne, looking at the photos and remembering the time we had with you and the company on board. Hope to see you again.
Regards, Gordon & Joan Smith.(august 2007 week)

Great day even though weather was against the boat. I still managed to land nine great fish including a 64 cm flat head. Thanks Roscoe from Col and the North Wollongong surf Life Saving Club for the excellent day…….

Well what a day it was on Wednesday (14 Nov 07). Made the trek down from Sydney after cashing in on a belated birthday present from the missus. Arrived only to find out that some people had cancelled the night before and there were only going to be three of us. Suited me ok and I met Pete the pub owner from Bowral (Scottish Arms right Pete?). Another cancellation from someone else who had had a few too many the night before and we were off after the Cap’ns radio yarn at 0600. To the flathead grounds and the chop was up, Pete the publican had landed three good sized flathead to my none and I was thinking “s#$t, this bloke goes alright”, he doesn’t half mind taking the mickey either, all in good fun. I caught up and even Ken the decky got a few flatty.
Great day and great company and quite a few fish later we decided to head back in, and if you were wandering who won between Pete and I, well you will just have to book in with Captain Roscoe and find out, what happens on the boat stays there. Got a freezer full of fish and met some great people. Thanks Ross and Ken, will be back again with a few more people before the new year (always good for a day off to go fishing). And Ross, am working on those bits and pieces I said I would send you for your young fella.

What a great time we had on our second fishing trip. All aboard thouroughly enjoyed what was a wonderful day. The fish were in abundance and we couldn’t have asked for better weather, but what really sets it off is the truly relaxed atmosphere from the moment you board to the time you get off. Roscoe and Kenny really do set this charter aside from any other so if you are thinking of booking a fishing trip it would be very hard to look past Roscoe and MV Signa for your fishing trip.
Well done and keep up the excellent standard.
See you again in Febuary.
Magnum Motorcycles crew

Thanks Cap’n Roscoe for a great day’s fishing. As a complete novice I was given some friendly advice allowing me to land loads of fish. A relaxing eight hours on the boat was punctuated by plenty of lively banter, some really bad jokes and a decent snag sandwich or two. Thanks to Matty for being very diligent and helping everyone with preparing their catch for cooking.

Hey Captain Roscoe just a short note to say “HI” and to thank you for a great time and plenty of big flatties and “BIG PIGGES”. My mates all had a ball and are nagging me to book again so we”ll see you real soon !!!!!!! all the best and tight lines to all Ricardo

Friday 11 Jan 2008. Well, Thursday was blowing a gale and Friday was looking like a non event. However, the late afternoon weather forecast on Thursday for Friday was looking good, so one hauled one’s drunken butt out of bed at 5 am to meet Captain Rosco at the harbour. Guess what, Coastal Patrol issues a high wind warning at 6 am. Great. Just what was needed. Not. Not to be outdone though, Captain Rosco jumps in his ute and drives to the top of Kiama headland. Using the (apparently)time honored seamans tradition of poking his middle finger in his ear and waving it in the wind, and checking out the swell, he gives us the option of going out. Yay! We’ll take the punt! The slimy mackerel gave us grief getting bait down to where the good fish were. Still some flathead, snapper and good reef fish were landed till the sweep found us. Still an entertaining time was had by all till the wind picked up. By 1030 the NE wind was gusting over 25 knots and the sea was getting rather on the rough side. General agreement was to renegotiate the daily fee and head back in. Unfortunately the weather Gods had the upper hand. Once again, Captain Rosco and deck hand “Pom” did their best in adverse conditions to give us all a good day fishing. Well, I for one will be heading back up to Kiama for yet another trip out on the Signa. Best charter I have been on between NSW and WA. Paz Drilling Operations Manager Tablelands Explosives Canberra ACT

Hi Roscoe, Just wanted to thank you for making my “29th” birthday such a memorable day. We were made to feel welcome the moment we stepped on board. You were a thorough gentleman(although very entertaining) and your one-liners were classics. The sausage sizzles were amongst the best I’ve ever tasted and very much appreciated. Please pass on our thanks to Benny too. You only had to look like you might need a little help and he was there ready to detangle, bait up or the yukky part – take the hook out! We cooked our catch up that night once we stopped rocking….. I would definitely recommend a day out with Roscoe to either a local or definitely to a tourist as he has soooooo much local knowledge. Thanks, Linda Darracott “29” again….

Well Captain Roscoe, I must say that must have been the best time the boys & I have had in a long time. It was that good it kept on going till late that night. We just want to say your a “BLOODY LEGEND” and we want to turn it into an annual event. Thumbs up mate, your going off. I`m glad you enjoyed the BBQ.

All aboard for a Captan Rosco adventure. For fantastic fishing, great tucker, a day full of laughter and the best charter in the world, do ya self a favour and book a memorable day. Well done to all the MV Signa crew.

Hey Roscoe. A crazy day of fishing! Your expertise and willingness to keep searching for fish were much appreciated, as well as Ben’s capable deckie hands. Its a shame that Marlin got away. I would have loved to get a glimpse of him, although my cousin says he saw it jump out of the water as soon as we got the hook up. I have been hearing the sound of screaming reels for the past 2 days, mate!! It won’t be too long till we are back on Signa for another memorable adventure. Take care, Rosscoe. Tight Lines. Dmitriy

Thanks Captain Roscoe for a great day out, it was one of the best experiences I have had on a boat. Your deckhand and yourself were very courteous and at times so very patient with all the tangles and I am very grateful that the only thing I had to do was drop the line in the water, you guys were brilliant thanks again.

Captain Roscoe, Our hardy gang including the kids had a stupendous day today Sun.21st Sep.and enjoyed the comforts of MV Signa to the max.The bonus of the dolphins following us out to the reef was great and the expertise of deckhand Ben when fishing couldn’t have been more pleasureable.Of course all fish we caught put a nice smile on our faces and we shall see you again. Steven Adams

Captain Roscoe, 27th Sept. This is Tim with the Penn professional gear as you quoted. If I didn’t get any fish main thing was to look good. Thanks for the great day of fishing. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed myself. Was excited to come home with a good catch. Definately will recommend you to people, and I will definately be back again soon…. Tim Lukacevic

Big shout out to Roscoe & deck hand David. My Son and I thank you very much for an awesome day out fishing. That day was one of our many highlights of our holiday in Aussie.
Sonny Maihi

Mad Mick from Campbelltown here,just a quick word to everyone that once again Roscoe delivered. The boys and I went out last Sunday hoping to get a couple of fish and that we did. As usual Roscoe put us right on top of them every pass, but thats not always good! Why not you ask, cause by 11 o’clock that day I couldn’t wind up anymore, so I sat back and watched all the others having a great time. Thanks again Roscoe and we will be back soon.

Dear Rosco,
We had such a great day on Tuesday, (even the guys who got sick) the boys can’t stop talking about the fish they caught. I felt very relaxed and Paul says he got the mini holiday he desperately needed.
David says “Thanks Roscoe and Kenny for a cool, great and awesome time”.

Hi Rosco we had a great time today on the old boat (HA HA) We all enjoyed it. All together we caught 57 fish WOW and were they great to eat, YUM YUM Anyway untill next time Take care and keep catching those bloody Leather Jackets. HAHAHAHAHAHA Karen, Rodney , Brendon and Matthew (Birthday Boy)(no Name)